"Pause for Paws" service dogs help Georgetown students relax before exams

With exams about a week away, first-year Georgetown law student Anthony Nicolelli says tension on campus is building.

“Super stressed out,” he says.

According to Jackson Miller, the pressure is on:

“It’s pretty crazy, it’s not that easy to get a job right now.”

But down the halls of the Gewirz Student Center, canine barking signals a brief reprieve from 24/7 studying.

“The students really seem to lighten up and relax,” says Tianda Harris, the founder of Pause for Paws at Georgetown University. “It's a welcome break from studying.”

Each time exams approach, Pause for Paws brings more than a dozen dogs to campus. Students can take a quick break from studying to pet and play with service dogs from four service organizations such as Warrior Canine Connection and Guiding Eyes.

Emily Schroder, a student at Georgetown, says: "It's nice to take a break and get a little dog time."

“I love them, they're just so cute,” adds Keren Kama. “You know, the calming effects of petting a puppy or a dog, I think are true."

Apparently wet kisses are just the cure for rattled nerves.