Zion Baptist Church daycare center sexual abuse allegation

A mother speaks with ABC7 about the alleged abuse of her child.

The 20-year-old man who is accused of sexually abusing a 3-year-old boy at a Northeast D.C. church daycare appeared in court Friday and pleaded not guilty.

And more questions are being raised about why it took so long to report the abuse.

Randolph King of Landover was arrested earlier this week in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a boy at the Zion Baptist Church of Eastland Gardens.

The boy's mother told ABC7 News the daycare coordinator failed to tell her for two days that she had witnessed a man on top of her 3-year-old son and didn’t call police until three days after the incident.

Ollie Smith, interim executive director of Child Care Aware America headquartered in Arlington, says the daycare coordinator and facility need to be fully investigated.

D.C. law that requires child care workers to report immediately.

A sex abuse survivors network, SNAP, has been watching the case and said today "...we feel that local police and prosecutors need to launch an investigation … not just into the alleged abuse but also into the full daycare center staff. Why was there a three-day delay? Was evidence destroyed, were witnesses intimidated?"

Prince George's County Police say that Randolph King was arrested by U.S. Marshals officers. He was then brought back to the District, questioned and charged with attempted first-degree child sexual abuse.

In documents filed with D.C. Superior Court, a witness testified that on April 12, she walked into a classroom and saw the suspect in a sexually compromising position with the small child.

King's arrest came a day after the boy's mother told ABC 7 News that she was heartbroken and furious after a man allegedly assaulted her son at his day care at the Kenilworth Avenue NE church and she wasn't told about it for days. She now tells ABC7's Jennifer Donelan that she is happy to hear about the arrest.

She says the daycare coordinator called her last week to tell her what she said she saw a male employee doing to the 3-year-old boy.

"She said she caught him on top of my son with his pants down," the mother says.

That notification was two days after the alleged sexual abuse. The mother says she asked the coordinator why didn't she immediately call police.

"She said at the time she had never had anything like this happen and she didn't know what to do," the mother says.

The police report shows a third day passed before the facility called 911. The police report detailed sexual abuse the coordinator claimed she saw.

As of Wednesday, the daycare was closed. Some parents hadn't heard of the incident and were told the center was closed because of a licensing issue.