Young flash mob robs Northeast 7-Eleven

(WJLA) - We counted about 20 teens in total who converged at a Northeast 7-Eleven, only to walk out seconds later with their hands full of stolen snacks and drinks.

We showed the video of this flash mob theft to residents outside of the store on Benning Road. D.C. Police have released the footage to the public in the hopes of catching the group of thieves.

"They probably thought they had fun doing it, but it's wrong, morally wrong -- it's illegal," said resident Khari Whitehead.

While the employees at the 7-Eleven couldn’t speak to us on camera, workers at the gas station just across the way at 44th Street tell us they were hit by a mob of kids just last month.

The crime of a store targeted and overwhelmed by young thieves has residents wondering what can be done to stop it – because it happens so quickly and the employees are often outnumbered.

"I think they should only buzz a few in a time...if that is what they have to do to protect the store, I think they should do it," says Lois Perry.

This case of criminal mischief happened last Monday night, just after 9:30 p.m. A few in the pack covered their faces, but others did not – and now they are on video and on television, as well as on the radar of police.