Woodbridge men staged hit-and-run, police say

Arroyo-Aleaga, left, has been charged with reckless driving and filing a false report. Guevara, right, is still wanted by police. Photo: Prince William County Police

Police say two Woodbridge men lied about a July hit-and-run.{ }

David Israel Arroyo-Aleaga has been charged with filing a false report and reckless driving after his friend, Danys Alexander Guevara, intentionally jumped onto the hood of{ }his car, according to police.{ }Both men are 21 years old.

Guevara{ }told police{ }he was struck by a black Impala and dragged about 15 feet near Walnut Street and Colchester Road.{ }

Investigators eventually learned Guevara{ }and Arroyo-Aleaga had staged the whole thing.{ }

Arroyo-Aleaga was arrested Wednesday and will be in court in early September.{ }

Guevara is still wanted by police. He's described as a short Hispanic man with brown hair and brown eyes.{ }

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