Woodbridge burglaries have residents on edge

WOODBRIDGE, Va. (WJLA) - This victim who asked not to be identified shows us how the thieves broke into her basement, shattering everything.

"They took one of the larger rocks and threw it through the actually landed on here," she describes.

The victim says they then tore her place apart:

"This was all dumped on the bed.They had all the time in the world, they went through every bedroom, every single dresser drawer..."

The thieves apparently looked in every conceivable place and eventually found $100,000 worth of hidden jewelry. Some had been in her family for generations.

"These rings would be passed down to my two daughters as well, so it's pretty devastating," says the victim.

The woman was one of five victims within a mile of one another in Woodbridge. Two places hit were houses, three were townhomes, and all had woods nearby.

Another victim showed us where a rock smashed through his window and flew so far into his basement it damaged the far wall.His place was also ransacked.

Police say all five thefts happened Friday when no one was home, and it appears that whoever committed the crimes was counting on residents being at work.

"I'll probably put up more cameras," says Woodbridge resident Michael Mixon, who is considering adding more security. Although his home wasn't targeted, two of his neighbors were robbed.

"Everybody's working hard every day, the economy's down, and they want to come take your stuff," he says.