Woman dies in car crash in Springfield on I-495

(WJLA) - A woman was killed in a three-car crash Tuesday afternoon in Springfield.

The fatal accident snarled rush hour traffic for hours, and happened at an entry point to the 495 express lanes – a source of traffic relief for some.

But for others, even regular express lane users like Tim Bowen, they can be disorienting:

"There is a little bit of confusion of knowing when to get on, when to get off."

According to Virginia State Police, a minivan was heading north on 495 when it suddenly braked at the southern entrance to the hot lanes. A Mercedes rear-ended the minivan before spinning around and hitting a Jeep Wrangler.

The driver of the van, 72-year-old Mary Jane Treacy of Bluffton, South Carolina, later died at Fairfax iNova hospital. Her husband suffered serious injuries, while others were treated and later released.

When the lanes first opened in 2012, we saw plenty of drivers caught off-guard by the change. Since then, traffic patterns have remained relatively smooth.

But new express lanes will soon open on I-95 from Stafford County to north of the beltway, which means new signage, new traffic patterns, and some new entry and exit points.

As a result, drivers are now bracing for a new round of errors.

The crash is still under investigation. All general and Express Lanes affected by the crash were re-opened to the public by 8 p.m.