Selina Brown killed, child shot on Metrobus in SE

Selina Brown was slain in a shooting on a Metrobus. Police sources say Javon Foster, the suspected shooter, was found dead in the NYC area Monday afternoon.

ABC 7 News has learned 27-year-old Javon Foster, the man suspected of killing 20-year-old Selina Brown aboard a Metrobus Sunday evening, went to the home of his other child's mother right after the shooting. Sources say she bravely got Foster away from her family and their son by putting her own life in danger.

Foster was found dead Monday of an apparent suicide. D.C. police say Foster drove to Long Island, NY where he shot himself in the head.

D.C. Police Officer Derrick Ferguson, a 16-year veteran, visited the morgue to see the body of his stepdaughter Monday. The 20-year-old was killed on a B2 Metrobus around 5:30 p.m. Sunday near the corner of 18th Street and Minnesota Avenue SE. The shooting happened right after she boarded the bus with her 1-year-old daughter, Kodie, in her arms.

"She was beautiful," Ferguson sniffled.

Kodie survived the shooting that claimed her mother's life, but she was injured. The family says a bullet sliced right across the middle of the little girl's face. The suspect is the child's father, they add.

Ferguson continued, "She's in stable condition. She is going to need to a lot of prayers and reconstructive surgery."

Sunday night, Brown was visiting a friend in Southeast and was on her way home when there was an encounter with Foster. Witnesses say the two were arguing at the bus stop on Minnesota Avenue and 18th Street.

Sources say the murder was caught on surveillance video. Just as Brown got on the bus, Foster stepped in, pulled out a gun and shot Brown in the face. He continued shooting her before fleeing.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier says the bus driver drove about a block away to avoid further gunfire, and she praised the driver for protecting the passengers.

After the shooting, Foster went to the 16th Street home of the woman with whom he shares a 4-year-old son. While he was there, sources say, the woman got a call from someone telling her Foster was accused of murdering Brown and wounding his daughter.

At that point, she decided to get Foster away from their son and her other relatives by agreeing to get in the car with him. The two started driving and ended up in the New York area, where she was able to get out of the car and notify New York Port Authority Police.

Police in Hempstead, NY then got a 911 call, leading officers to a man in a car who had apparently committed suicide, sources say.

D.C. police are investigating whether that man was Foster; the autopsy and final identification are still pending.

Brown's family said they saw trouble in the past, but Brown tried to hide it. Ferguson said he tried desperately to get her to leave Foster, to take out restraining orders. But sadly, he said, she never agreed.

"I would say okay let's go file a complaint, and the next day, she would be on the phone giggling with him," Ferguson recalled.

On this dreadful day, Ferguson wanted to share some advice to anyone in a troubled relationship.

"You need to get away, you need to get out...because there is only [one other] way, and that's death. You need to get out," the mourning father said.