Wilson Aquatic Center: Juvenile victims allege sexual abuse

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - ABC7 News has learned that another investigation into new allegations of sexual abuse at the popular Wilson Aquatic Center in Northwest is now underway.

Law enforcement sources confirmed that this time, the alleged victims are juveniles, and that there are “multiple young girls stepping forward.”

Just last week, we reported about a 23-year-old woman whose family alleged she had been beaten and raped inside the pool’s locker room by two men who had a key to the facility. They claimed the attack happened after hours when the pool was supposed to be closed.

Now, we’ve learned from sources that several juveniles have come forward, alleging they were sexually abused by two men at the pool and that the incidents again occurred after hours.

Sources would not elaborate on how many teenage girls are claiming they too were victimized, but the pool is located right next door to Wilson High school – which is unsettling for residents.

Sources weren’t ready to say whether the two men accused of assaulting the 23-year-old woman are the same two suspected with the latest allegations, but did say that the case is high priority and detectives are working on the case around the clock.

Residents say that the pool, which is run by the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation, needs to be safe for all.