William Alemar to pay $15 for running near schools with training rifle

What police found in Alemar's apartment after his arrest.

(AP/WJLA) - A Virginia National Guard member originally faced with felony charges for running near two Martinsburg schools while carrying a training rifle will only pay $15 in fines.

William Alemar, 23, pleaded no contest Wednesday in Berkeley County Magistrate Court for public intoxication and misdemeanor willful disturbance of a school.

In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dismissed his felony charges of committing a terrorist act while wearing body armor in the commission of a felony.

Alemar was arrested Aug. 20 after police found him running in a bulletproof vest and carrying two knives and several unloaded ammunition clips near the schools. Police discovered after they arrested Alemar that the gun he was carrying fires pellets, not live rounds.

Under the agreement, Alemar received a seven-day jail sentence with credit for the nine days he spent in custody after he was arrested August 20. He must also continue treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

His father said his son graduated from Massanutten Military Academy in Woodstock, Va., and joined the National Guard after he failed to get into the U.S. Naval Academy. He returned in December from a tour of duty in Iraq.

Alemar’s attorney, Kevin Mills, says his client made a poor decision.