Waseem Daker on trial for murder, represents himself

A man convicted of stalking a woman in Georgia is now back on trial, this time for murder.

The twist is that he's serving as his own attorney and had the chance to examine his stalking victim Tuesday.

Loretta Spencer-Blatz is facing down the man she helped put away for stalking her back in 1994.

"If I would have known it would have led to this, I would have clearly done things differently, but I can't. I can't take back that time. I just wanted him to get help and I just wanted it to stop, just stop, just wanted it to stop," said Blatz.

Waseem Daker is now out of prison and acting as his own attorney, charged with murdering Blatz's roommate. Blatz met Daker on a paintball team and she says he became obsessed with her, calling her at all hours, even breaking into her home.

After Blatz went to police, her roommate, Delta flight attendant Karmen Smith, was found murdered in the home they shared in 1995. Smith's five-year-old son Nick was stabbed more than a dozen times and barely survived.

"I didn't realize this was going to turn into murder. My God, I mean if I could have known I would have taken notes," said Blatz.

Investigators suspected Daker killed Smith in revenge, but only years later, in 2009, did they arrest him after hairs found on Smith's body showed a DNA link to Daker.

"I've spent practically my entire life just tying to erase everything," said Blatz.

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