Virginia crime spree: 13 businesses targeted by burglars in two days

WOODBRIDGE, Va. (WJLA) -- The cracked glass in the front door of Clippers Barber Shop in Woodbridge is a sign of a failed burglary attempt.

Mijin Bailey, who owns a barber shop in Dumfries, was not so lucky. When she got to work on Saturday morning, the glass door was completely shattered. Burglars took her cash register and the $200 inside of it, but nothing else – no other vandalism took place.

A similar burglary happened at the same time at the nail salon just next door.

In the overnight hours between August 16 and August 18, burglars hit approximately 13 nail salons, barber shops, dry cleaners, and a Dairy Queen in Woodbridge and Dumfries. They successfully got inside seven stores by using a rock to break the front door. They did not manage to get inside the six others.

And all they took was cash – estimated to total thousands of dollars.

"We do believe right now these are all similar, if not related," says Jonathan Perok with the Prince William County Police. He also says that none of the businesses – all within close proximity, if not next door to one another – had surveillance cameras or alarm systems, which was likely to be a fact well-known to the criminals.

"It is unusual," says Perok. "I don't think we've had the sheer number in such a small time frame."

"It feels very uncomfortable", says Demetri Boosalis, the landlord of two of the businesses hit. He just has one question: Why did they go through all that trouble to break in and steal only $100, $200?