Victim of SE quadruple shooting speaks out

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - It was just after midnight that the shooting started, according to neighbors at this Southeast apartment complex who say they were just sitting on the stoop after a cookout.

"My kids were in the house...gunshots going through the windows, blood everywhere, everybody panicking," describes Jernisha Smith.

We are protecting one man’s identity; he was one of four people struck.

"I knew I was hit automatically, but my adrenaline was pumping," he says. "I pushed everybody in the door...I didn't feel it until afterwards."

Only then did the victim discover that he had been shot three times in each foot, and twice in his arm.

"As many bullets as they shot, I'm surprised we came off as lucky as we did," he says.

According to D.C. Police, the suspects pulled up in a silver Dodge Ram pickup truck, and two shooters jumped out and opened fire. Witnesses tell ABC7 they heard as many as 30 shots.

The victims say they are new to the neighborhood, and have no idea why this happened:

"We just wanted to have a cookout, a family function, we can't even sit on our own front stoop...All this craziness got to end -- people shooting, they don't even know who they are's crazy."