Vanessa Pham trial: Julio Blanco Garcia's videotaped interrogation played

Julio Blanco Garcia's videotaped confession is played Wednesday. (Photo: Washington Post)

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WJLA) - In his own words, after Julio Blanco Garcia learned he'd been arrested for murdering 19-year-old college freshman Vanessa Pham, he simply says: “It says murder on there. What do you mean?”

His entire videotaped statement was played in open court Wednesday before the jury that will decide if he committed first degree murder.

Blanco Garcia told police he panicked when Pham made a wrong turn and appeared to be driving the wrong way down an access road.

“I don’t know what happened. I grabbed the knife. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to,” he says. “I’m not a bad guy, I was just so high that time, I just saw her, I asked her for a ride to the hospital...”

The jury was also shown video of Blanco Garcia minutes before he'd encounter Pham. He's entering and leaving a grocery store with his infant daughter.

A third video of Pham's car arriving and leaving the same shopping center was shown. She'd stopped at a nail salon. When she leaves the lot, its 3:09 p.m. Minutes later she'd be dead.

Earlier in the trial Wednesday, a detective testified that Blanco Garcia searched his computer for information about the victim and the police’s investigation into the slaying before he was arrested and charged.

Blanco Garcia searched for information on Pham in the days after he allegedly killed her, testified Det. Jason Friedman, a computer forensic detective in Fairfax County.

Friedman also testified that Blanco Garcia tracked the police’s investigation into the murder in the local news and visited a Fairfax County Crime Stoppers page and viewed the Fairfax County Police's press release on Pham's murder in 2011.

WATCH: Video of the Vanessa Pham murder trial

Blanco Garcia's is accused of stabbing Pham 13 times in June of 2010 in what prosecutors believe was a cold-blooded murder. The defendant was alleged to have been high on PCP at the time of the murder.