Vanessa Edwards-Hamm pleads guilty to tipping off drug ring

(WJLA) - A former Prince George's County Police officer accused of tipping off members of a drug ring that they were under investigation pleaded guilty Tuesday to a federal charge.

Vanessa Edwards-Hamm will be sentenced next March after pleading guilty to a single charge of unlawfully disclosing wire, oral or electronic communications.

In July, Edwards-Hamm was one of 17 people indicted in connection to a drug network that dealt in marijuana, cocaine, pills and heroin in the D.C. area. According to prosecutors, during the course of her work, she found out that the brother of one of her close friends, Aaron Vaughn, was being investigated for drug trafficking.

Edwards-Hamm then called Vaughn's brother in February to tell him that wiretaps had been placed on his phone and that enough evidence had been collected for an indictment. In turn, the brother told Vaughn to change his phone number and leave the area.

Among the other indicted in connection with the scheme was Mark Edwards, Vanessa's brother.