UMES murder: Police seek help in Edmond St. Clair's slaying

Edmond St. Clair’s family says he loved music, but he was also a serious student who hoped to become a surgeon.

“He wanted to be a doctor, but he wanted to prove a point, send a message. Don’t judge a book by its cover,” says his brother, Isaiah.

“You could look to him to set the example of how to be just a good person in everything…” says Trey Hardy, his cousin.

All those hopes and dreams ended when the 21-year-old was stabbed in the chest during an altercation in the heart of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore campus Saturday evening. His brother and cousin were with him when it happened.

It was homecoming weekend at UMES. St. Clair, a junior, was hoping to show his visiting family a good time. They were driving across campus when a group of young men blocked the road. There was an argument and then St. Clair dropped to the ground. Police say it wasn’t random and there was a prior dispute.

The president of UMES has called an all-campus meeting Tuesday. She wants to help students with grief, but also send a message.

“Just encouraging them to be self-aware and to look at ways we can deal with conflict in a more positive way,” says Dr. Julliette Bell.

Police are still looking for three young men in connection with the murder. St. Clair’s cousin and brother say it seemed St. Clair knew the men and they blame the dispute on pointless jealousy.

Crime Solvers is offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to an arrest.