Douglas Franklin Jones identified as Ellicott City church shooter

Rev. Mary-Marguerite Kohn, 62, of Halethorpe was shot and wounded.

Police believe the man responsible for the fatal shootings at an{ }Ellicott City church is Douglas Franklin Jones, 56, who was found in the woods Thursday night with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and a handgun.

Police found a campsite in the woods with personal belongings and believe Jones was living there. Investigators have learned that Jones had recently been involved in a dispute with church members. He visited the church regularly for their food bank, but recently had become belligerent and argumentative, police report.

Police believe Jones' anger with the church may have been the motive for the shooting, but don't believe there were any specific targets.

Two women were shot, one fatally, inside an office in St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Ellicott City Thursday evening. The victims were found by a janitor.

The case is being investigated as a murder-suicide.

Brenda Brewington, 59, was pronounced dead at the scene and Rev. Mary-Marguerite Kohn, 62, of Halethorpe, was taken to a shock trauma unit and remains hospitalized. Brewington is a church administrator assistant. Kohn is co-rector of the church.

Brewington was a wife and mother of two.

“She's been an amazing neighbor,” says Currie Hinz, a neighbor of Brewington. “But (to) a lot of kids in the neighborhood, she’s also been their preschool teacher over at St. Peters.”

No one else was in the building at the time of the shooting, police said.{ }

Howard County Police responded to the church in the 3600 block of Rogers Ave. when a church custodian called 911 about 5:20 p.m. to report that he discovered two women who appeared to have been shot.

Police cleared the building to ensure no one else was inside.

“It’s very sad, I think it’s very troubling that someone would even do that at a church,” says Karen Aaby. “And it kind of makes me apprehensive.”

St Peter’s Church and The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland released the following statement:

The accomplishments of both Ms. Brewington, a tireless supporter of our day school and friend to the whole parish , Mary Marguerite, a beloved minister and counselor to both our parish and traumatized veterans across this country, are to numerous to mention. Please hold them in your prayers.