Tovo Prudencio sentenced for robbing man at gunpoint

A District man was sentenced to four years behind bars for robbing a man at gunpoint on North Capitol Street in mid-August.

Prosecutors say Tovo Prudencio, 26, pulled a gun on a man parking his vehicle in the 4000 block of North Capitol Street NW. Prudencio, who lived nearby, told he man not to park there. When the victim asked why, Prudencio pointed a gun at his head. He then took the man’s gold necklace and cell phone and said, “I should kill you.” The victim grabbed the gun and started to struggle, but Prudencio broke free and took off.

Police say it wasn’t the only time Prudencio threatened people with a gun that day. Earlier that morning, prosecutors say he pulled a gun on another man parking in the area. The driver left and called police. A short time later, Prudencio told a man walking his dog to go away. When the man asked why, Prudencio pulled out his gun and said, “This is why, because I told you so.”

After his release, Prudencio will have three years of supervised release.