Tire slashings in Sterling angers neighborhood

Families in one Loudoun County neighborhood are furious after becoming victims of a ''tire slashing'' spree. It happened overnight Friday in the “countryside” part of Sterling.

Police say 13 cars were hit.

Some families had multiple cars slashed. Police believe teenagers were out causing trouble over the weekend. Those left paying the price say it's time parents teach their kids some morals.

“They actually went right along the rim so that you had to replace the whole thing…It was horrible,” said victim David Dougher.

Dougher got an awful surprise Saturday morning when his neighbors came knocking on his door. They discovered two of his tires sliced open.

“This was just simple vandalism. They were just trying to destroy other people's property and it didn't make sense who got hurt. It was a little bit of everybody in our street,” Dougher said.

“It was the front side on the driver's side and they got the rear side on the passenger's side,” said victim Stewart Stout.

Stout has lived on Glengyle Lane in Sterling for 23 years. He says that in all that time, this is the first time crime has unfolded in the area.

“To me, it wasn't just some kids popping a couple of tires. It felt to me like it was a vendetta of some reason, you know, there were some kids mad at somebody in the neighborhood and they just went nuts,” Stout said.

Less than a mile from his home, more vehicles were targeted on Fenton Wood Drive—costing Tommy Moorcones a little more than $1,200. His driveway was full of flattened tires—eight to be exact.

“It was ridiculous. I don't know who did it. Of course, I'm extremely angry,” Moorcones said.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is reporting 13 vehicles damaged in just one night—that brings the number of tire slashings this year in Sterling up to 45. There were about 36 in the same time frame last year.

While the search for suspects continues, victims have one final message for them.

“You should turn yourselves in because sooner or later I think the sheriff's office will find you,” Moorcones said.

“I would say karma is tough. If you are going to do unto others, expect it back to you and in the long run it's not doing you any good to have hate,” Dougher said.

Police think based on the number of vehicles hit more than one person is behind this crime spree and again they think they're likely teens. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

In light of the slashings, residents are keeping their lights on at night and keeping an eye out for anything unusual. They are also reminding their friends to talk with their kids and make sure they keep out of trouble and understand the consequences if they do break the rules.