Thomas Circle church vandalized with mixture of paint and feces

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- Luther Place Memorial Church at Thomas Circle has been vandalized. There is white paint on the organ pipes and green paint on a statue of Martin Luther outside.

Administrators at the church thought last Wednesday’s green paint attack was limited to the statue of Martin Luther and isolated to the outdoors.

But on Sunday, just minutes after the choir cleared the loft, the vandal returned – spraying the loft, organ pipes, and casework with a revolting concoction of white paint mixed with feces.

It is not yet confirmed whether this is tied with the National Cathedral vandalism, but a suspect has been arrested in connection with that incident.

On Monday night at the popular 'Screen on the Green' event, movie watchers ironically were not far from where green paint has been causing{ } a scene.

Unlike many Mall crowds, this one is largely local, and they believe the vandalism incidents are terrible and they don’t know why anyone would do such a thing.

A life-long local resident, Jonathan Pick takes a lot of pride in the things DC has that no other city does, and it makes him sick to see paint on some of it:

"I always am the type that welcomes visitors to our nation's capital -- I think it sends a wrong message to our out-of-town guests."

Many other locals feel the same way. Jessica Adair of NE DC says: "I'd hate to have anything like that happen again."

It isn't only locals though -- tourists also can't seem to understand why anyone would do this.

Ann Giraud of Birmingham, AL says: "Why don't they put their mind to something good and enjoy the beautiful treasures that we have here."

Many are taking heart that there's been an arrest, and they hope that will mean the end of this.

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