Thieves targeting teens wearing Tim Duncan Nike Air tennis shoes

Police in D.C. are looking into at least two incidents in which robbery victims were targeted because of the shoes they were wearing.

One of the victims had to be treated at an area hospital for gunshot wounds.

The newly released Tim Duncan Nike Air tennis shoes are so popular bids for the shoe on eBay start at $250 but can end up selling for hundreds more, observers say.

Within days of the shoes' appearance in local stores, three D.C. teens were robbed at gunpoint for their footwear.

Police say a 15-year-old was approached by two masked gunmen while walking home from Eastern High School last Thursday. The teen was just a block away from the school when, according to the police report, the suspects said, "Give the [expletive] up...give them shoes up." The student took off the shoes and was able to escape the gunmen without injury.

The day before on Alabama Avenue, SE a 17-year-old and his 18-year-old friend were both wearing Tim Duncans when two suspects pulled out a gun. Sources say the suspects said, "Give me those Duncans." While the suspects took the shoes off the victims' feet, the gun went off, striking the 17-year-old in the shoulder.

In a statement on the violence and the Tim Duncan shoes, D.C. police said,{ } "We urge the public to be aware of their surroundings. We have conducted outreach in schools and to youth groups."