Thieves target baby formula in Frederick

(WJLA) - Most people who leave the grocery store take a cart full of items they paid for – but that isn’t the case for everyone.

According to Frederick City Police, a group of as many as eight people are targeting Weis Markets in the area, going in and stuffing reusable shopping bags full of baby formula, and walking right out the door.

And as any mom knows, the stuff is liquid gold – with cans running as much as $30 each.

Christine Boyce knows the cost of formula, and is outraged someone would take it without paying full price:

"I think that's terrible because they have the WIC program to help everyone out...I don't know why people would be stealing it other than to make some money."

Police don’t know why these thieves are targeting baby formula, but they do know how much has been taken so far in a series of five separate stings: upwards of $2,000.

Even after this series of thefts, the Weis stores we visited are still not locking up their formula – but that could be changing soon. Stores may have to do a bit of babyproofing, and put the formula out of reach.