Thefts of high-tech devices increase on Metro

In what has been called the high-tech version of purse snatching, an alarming surge of thefts has occurred lately on the Metro system, targeting smart phones and other high tech devices.

Metro says typically, there are one or two of these "snatch-thefts" a day. But Wednesday, thieves grabbed devices at six Metro stations and a seventh at a bus stop at Kennedy and 7th Streets NW.

Police say in most cases, the suspects make their move, as the doors are closing on trains.

Many riders on Metro have their personal devices in plain sight. For thieves - in the underground and on buses - they're easy pickings, police say.

Metro says earbuds are a dead giveaway.

Riders who talked with ABC7 say they know they should be alert and keep devices out of sight or at least hold on tight. But they also admit it's easy to get zoned out and not be alert.