Terron White sentenced to 30 years in 2011 carjacking

White was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Friday. Photo: Montgomery County Police

The 24-year-old man who pleaded guilty to carjacking a woman and her young child in Baltimore in July of 2011 was sentenced to 30 years in prison Friday.

Elsya Samuels and her son, Juju, were inside a Montgomery County courtroom for Terron White's sentencing, nearly two years after{ } she was put through a harrowing situation in which she rolled out of the moving car and onto the Capital Beltway.

White carjacked Samuels at a Baltimore gas station in July of 2011, then led police on a wild chase that began when he slammed the car into a parked Maryland State Police cruiser. Samuels then cradled her son before courageously jumping to her freedom and safety near River Road.

"I was almost certain that I was going to die, but with my faith in the Lord, I just jumped out," Samuels said. Right after the carjacking, she told ABC7 that she "wasn't a hero, just a mom."

White pleaded guilty to carjacking, kidnapping and assault last August. Despite pleas from his family for leniency, a judge called White's actions mind boggling, saying that there was "no question he knew what he was going."

Attorneys argued that White was paranoid and delusional at the time of the crime, and he apologized to Samuels in court. Meanwhile, Samuels actually admitted that she was sorry he had to do so much time behind bars.

"I wanted to actually (say) that I forgave him," she said.