Terrance Dyson, Deandre Thompson accused of robbing partygoers

Terrance Andrew Dyson, left, and Deandre Tavon Thompson both face multiple counts of armed robbery. Photo: Charles County Sheriff's Office

Police{ }have arrested two Charles County men wanted in connection with four armed robberies that occured at several parties last month.{ }

Police say Terrance Andrew Dyson, 21, and Deandre Tavon Thompson, 18, would hear about a local party either by word of mouth or through social media. They would then drive to the party's location, park their car where they could observe partygoers wearing expensive clothing and rob them at gunpoint.

Detectives recovered the stolen items and two guns believed to have been used in the robberies.{ }

Thompson and Dyson both face multiple counts of armed robbery and are being held at the Charles County Detention Center.

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