Maryland teen charged with assaulting boy with autism

(WJLA) - The St. Mary’s County judge spent nearly 45 minutes in his private chambers watching the videotaped abuse. When he returned to court, he described how the 17-year-old girl beat and humiliated the teenage boy with autism.

He also described how she forced the Chopticon High School student to fall through the ice on a frozen pond, and how she held a knife to his throat; the judge called her a criminal with a chilling lack of empathy.

However, he also said that she is a juvenile and not an adult – which is not what the victim’s father wanted to hear:

“I think she is a predator that preyed on a weak and vulnerable person -- I'm afraid for my family and the community."

We are protecting his identity in order to protect his son’s. The St. Mary’s County resident says his boy is high-functioning, but was both used and abused by the girl as well as by another 15-year-old girl:

“It's similar to if she was working in an assisted living facility and someone was physically vulnerable and she was abusing them."

On Thursday, after the case was moved to juvenile court, the girl with her lawyers and parents at her side admitted her guilt to a charge of second-degree assault and the creation of obscene material.

"She now will be treated in a rehabilitative and therapeutic setting in the juvenile system...hopefully when she comes back out she'll be able to enter the community in a much more positive way," said the suspect's attorney, Brian Thompson.

As for the victim, his father discounts reports that he didn’t mind the treatment he received, and that he actually misses being with the two girls:

“He's struggling -- I'm trying to make things as normal as possible so he can attend school and thrive."