Tamara Jackson, alleged mastermind in acid attack, stands trial

The victim of a 2010 acid attack testified against Tamara Jackson, the alleged mastermind behind the crime Tuesday.

Katrina Watts and her 3-year-old daughter were injured in the Prince George's County attack.

"I could only just cry, because you don't want that to happen to your child. Nobody wants that to happen to their child. I could only just cry, because I wasn't used to seeing her like that. My daughter's beautiful regardless of how she looks and I always teach her that," Watt's said in an interview last July.

Watts broke down on the stand Tuesday as she recounted the attack. She told the court Tikia Anderson accosted her and her daughter, throwing a acid-like chemical in their faces.

Anderson pleaded guilty in connection with the case and agreed to testify against Jackson.

Pictures of the burns the two suffered were presented as evidence.

"I think they should be locked up. I think they should serve a life sentence to do it not only to me but to a child," Watts added.

Prosecutors say the attack wasn't Anderson's idea. They say Tamara Jackson came up with the plan because Watts was considering getting back together with Jackson's ex-boyfriend. Jackson would've been recognized by Watts had she committed the crime herself, prosecutors add.

Jackson's attorney argued their client had no animosity towards Watts, adding she and the man at the center of the love triangle didn't end up getting back together with Watts.

Watts said the hardest part of her ordeal has been watching her daughter struggle.

Watts said, "To see her still smiling...when I first saw her, she was smiling. But to have to see her like that, hurt."