Suspicious man spotted in front of D.C. elementary school

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - D.C. Police say a man has been spotted several times, exposing himself in front of children. Officers say the man parks in front of Lafayette Elementary School in the Chevy Chase neighborhood.

D.C. police have been stationed in front of Lafayette for several days. Over the pass several weeks, maybe even months, the man has been committing lewd and indecent acts. Witnesses say he exposes himself while sitting in what appears to be a silver Zip car. Another vehicle description is a small crossover-SUV.

The individual has been described as a brown skinned male between 35 and 40 years of age. Some parents tell ABC7 that police have told them they have been looking for this guy for the past 6 months. He was last spotted parked on Broad Branch Road during school hours two days ago.

Officials of Lafayette Elementary have been made aware of this individual by officers with the Second District. In the meantime, parents are growing more disgusted.