Suspects steal giant cigarette from Montgomery County yard

A couple in Montgomery County is trying to solve an unusual crime. Someone stole a 10-foot, 150 pound cigarette from their front yard.

Jeannie Roule and her husband display eclectic artwork in their yard to spark conversations.

Their home holds hundreds of pieces of artwork. Most of them are found object given a second life.

" I believe that art should be shared with others, if nothing else, maybe to create a conversation," Jeannie says.

The jumbo cigarette, sprawled across their front lawn for 18 months, did just that.

Jeannie explains, "You can like or dislike it. You can give your opinion. You don't have to walk by. You don't have to look at it."

Neighbor Erik Wertz adds, "Oh, I'm sure there's a few that kind of look down on it, but I like it. I like being in a place where you don't have to worry about some homeowners association saying you can't have that in your yard."

And now that the Roule's yard is missing one of its main focal points, there's speculation as to why someone would take off with it.

"We're not smokers. I'm not promoting smoke. I understand the dangers of smoking, and it was basically a telephone poll that we had purchased for another idea," Jeannie continues. "If you feel that your children are going to smoke a cigarette cause of that then I think you should be having more serious discussions with your children in general about the effects of drugs."

D.C. artist Cara Hunt has created one of a kind pieces for the Roule's home.

Hunt says, " I think everyone has the right to put in their front or backyard whatever they want....I know how much work and time goes into each piece."

Jeannie says she just wants it back.{ }

"They took it in the middle of the night. Come back in the middle of the night and put it back where it belongs," she exclaims.

On Monday, parts of the cigarette were spotted behind Takoma Park Middle School, where two 4-foot pieces were left as trash.

Police are going to see if the school has any surveillance video.

The Roules say they are planning on putting out another cigarette in the future.