Suspects in Fort Totten Metro assault, robbery caught on tape

Surveillance images of suspects in assault, robbery near Fort Totten Metro Station on May 10. Photo: U.S. Park Police

Police have released surveillance images of suspects in a violent assault and robbery near the Fort Totten Metro Station.

Around 9:30 p.m. on Thursday May 10, an individual was attacked from behind, knocked to the ground and assaulted along a foot path near the station, U.S. Park Police detectives say.

At night, it's an area Metro riders say can be dark and dangerous.

Detectives say the suspects ran off with the victim's belongings. But they tracked credit card transactions to a nearby store on South Dakota Avenue NW and to a store on Riggs Road, just across the Maryland border in Hyattsville.

At one store, the owner says the suspects used the stolen credit card simply to buy a cigar, a pack of cigarettes and a soda, all together, costing less than $10.

Police say surveillance footage caught two suspects on camera.

The images are grainy, but detectives believe they are distinctive enough to lead to an arrest. Anyone who recognizes either suspect is asked to contact the Park Police.