Juvenile arrested in connection with NW gun robberies

(WJLA) - According to police, this woman who asked us not to identify her was the second victim that a juvenile suspect confronted Wednesday morning within an hour.

“I was scared and trembling but at the same time i didnt have time to think if he was going to shoot

The victim says she was taking out the trash behind her home when someone wearing a mask and armed with a gun told him to give him her money.

“I didn’t know if it was a toy or a real gun…but I didn’t even have time to think so I started screaming – luckily he took off.”

And just minutes before that incident, police say the same suspect approached a woman from behind at a bus stop off Sherman Circle Northwest with what the victim describes as a sawed-off shotgun.

Less than a mile from that scene, police say he terrorized two other women at a Laundromat, getting away with cash and a cell phone. The victims we talked to tonight say they're just glad police acted quickly and were able to get him off the street.