Stafford home invasion has residents upset

A local couple and their baby are recovering from a terrifying ordeal after two masked intruders entered their home and forced them to strip naked. 

The couple's neighbors in Widewater Village in Stafford County came together Monday night to discuss what they could do to help such a crime from happening again.

Alyce Vargas of Stafford says, "I'm going to go door-to-door and tell every neighbor that I know, and even people I don't [about] this situation, so they can be aware."

The Stafford County Sheriff's Office says two homes were targeted Sunday night. Both both were on Olympic Drive.

In both cases, the suspects got in through a basement window. At one of the homes, they tore the screen off and ransacked the place. But, the owner hasn't moved in yet and wasn't there.

Unfortunately, the owners' of the second home were there.

Deputies say the two criminals, one carrying a knife, woke the couple up.

After allowing the woman to put her 10-month-old baby in a swing in the basement, the robbers forced the young couple to strip naked and take them through the house to point out things they could steal.

"It angers me that somebody has the audacity to do that," Staford resident Sue Cripe says.

Those who live in the are say they can't believe the thieves would strike there.

James Johnson of Stafford adds, "It's like every other house is either police, firefighter or military officer."

Many residents are armed, and others told ABC 7's Tom Roussey they are now considering buying a weapon to protect themselves.

Authorities say the couple was not physically harm.