Bristow stable owner charged with 57 counts of animal cruelty

BRISTOW, Va. (WJLA) - A handful of horses and baby chickens remain at Cross States Stable today. The vast majority of the barns and holding pens are now empty and fairly clean – a far cry from what they looked like two weeks ago, according to Prince William County Police.

Officers arrested owner Larry Sams, charging him with 57 counts of animal cruelty. They say many of the animals were malnourished, and several were covered in animal feces. Some of them have since been euthanized.

Officials have removed dozens of horses, rabbits, sheep, goats, dogs, donkeys, and poultry from the facility.

Sams gave us a tour of the place he has run for nearly four years, and admits conditions were not as ideal as he’d like. However, he tells us that he doesn’t think it’s as bad as the police say it is.

“That's why I'm asking the public, the farmers, the private people, to come by and look," he says.

Sams adds that his stables were popular with area children over the years, and he has received hundreds of letters of support since his arrest. But he will need a lot more than that – with each of his 57 charges comes the possibility of jail time.