St. Stephen's reverend speaks out about armed robbery

Reverend Sarabeth Goodwin is speaking out about a strange armed robbery at Saint Stephens in Columbia Heights. The crime happened last Saturday when a masked gunman followed another man into the 16th Street church and robbed him.

Reverend Goodwin actually walked in on the robbery and the gunman pointed his weapon at her before he took off.

“We won't let it be changed by one person,” said Reverend Goodwin. “What happened was shocking to us but our mission to continue to welcome people from the neighborhood."

D.C. Police released surveillance video on Thursday of the robbery in hopes of finding the man responsible.

Reverend Goodwin says Saint Stephens will continue to operate as normal and she will pray for the robber.

"I wish that somehow his heart will be changed," said Reverend Goodwin.

The church, on Newton Street NW, was founded in 1925 and was the first Episcopal church in D.C. to integrate. It currently houses a dozen non-profit organizations in its basement, including Thrive D.C., which serves meals to 200 people every day.