Springfield man abducted, locked in trunk

Residents of an apartment complex in Springfield say their sense of safety has been shattered after a man was kidnapped at gunpoint, forced to drive to bank ATMs to take out money and then left in his trunk.

The victim tells ABC7 he was leaving for work very early Wednesday morning from his apartment in the Springfield Gardens complex on Cumberland Avenue. He says the instant he left his apartment three men came up to him, with one of them sticking a gun to his head.

Police say the men made the victim drive his 1998 Honda to two different banks nearby. They received an “undisclosed” amount of money from one ATM at a Capital One Bank and another at a PNC.

According to police, sometime after going to the second bank, the three suspects made the victim get in the trunk. They then drove him down Braddock Road to a small dead-end street in Annandale called Piedmont Place.

The suspects opened the trunk and used a knife to cut the victim lightly on his arm, telling him not to get out of until they were gone. They then shut the trunk and fled.

Fairfax County Police say all three men were wearing hooded jackets, and two had masks on. The third was covering his face with a cloth.

Police describe the suspect who drove the victim's car as a black male wearing a black North Face jacket. Another suspect is described as wearing a dark vest over a light-colored jacket. Detectives are investigating whether the suspects had a role in any similar crimes in the area.

The kidnapping has rattled Springfield Gardens residents.

"It's really scary because…it could've happened to anyone," said resident Mayra Guevera. "I'm not going to go by myself anywhere, and I'm going to try not to go out at night."

Another resident, using a translators, he’s concerned the criminals may have been specifically targeting Hispanics.

Most of the residents of Springfield Gardens are either immigrants or their children.

The victim tells ABC7 he was unharmed except for the light cut to his arm with the knife.

ABC7's Gail Pennybacker contributed to this report.