Southeast robberies leave residents wary of nightfall

People in one D.C. neighborhood are on edge after an uptick in robberies.

"After 9 o'clock, you feel you can't walk the street.," Southeast resident Kevin Hall said.

Hall of the 1200 block of Alabama Avenue told ABC7 groups of young people are out every night, looking for victims, specifically the homeless and older people.

"They attacking anybody with gray hair," Hall exclaimed.

Leroy Ezell said he's been robbed at gunpoint twice this year. The most recent incident was particularly bad.

"I gave my money, and they still proceeded to beat me, spit on me," Ezell recalled.

Though many of the crimes go unreported, statistics show robbery with a gun are up 44 percent in the 7th District compared to the same time last year.

School Board representative and Activist Trayon White said unemployment is part of the problem.

"Ward 8 is home to highest unemployment rate per capita in the United States, so you're going to see an increase in crime," White explained.

Hall said he would like to see police check for weapons and IDs on persons hanging around the area.