Sources: Robert Wone's widow has settled civil lawsuit in 2006 murder

Sources close to the Robert Wone case say his widow has settled her civil suit.

Kathy Wone sued the men who lived in the home where someone stabbed her husband to death, in 2006.

For many who have followed the case, the settlement is a mystery in itself.

For almost five years the Wone murder has intrigued and mystified people, especially those in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. Some had hoped the civil suit might shed light on what likely happened inside that home.

Someone fatally stabbed 32-year-old Robert Wone, a promising attorney, three times.

"I'm just amazed because I thought they would want that out in the open like in the O.J. Simpson trial," said Joan Sewell, a neighbor.

Rather than drive home to suburban Virginia late one night, Wone spent the night at the home of his college friend Joseph Price, and Price's two lovers, Victor Zaborski and Dylan Ward.

No one has ever been convicted in the murder. The three residents of the house eventually faced obstruction of justice charges. a judge aquitted them last year.

Wone's wife Kathy filed a multi-million dollar wrongful death suit. She believes the three men, know more about her husband's death than they let on.

The search of the house turned up vast items linked to sado-maochism. But none of it was admissable in the criminal trial. It would be in the civil case.

Some observers expected the civil suit to offer possible scenarios for Wone's killing.

The three men are bankrupt, but are believed to have an umbrella insurance policy. The longer the proceedings went on it could eat up some of that money.

But also if a case like this goes to court all parties are subject to negative testimony.

If the parties agreed to a private settlement, the public may never know the details, One more layer of mystery added to an already mystifying murder.

So far the court has not received a request from Kathy Wone to dismiss the case. But when asked about it, attorneys involved in the case would not comment--usually a sign a deal has been reached or is close to being finalized.