Soraida Hicks romance turns to cyber attack, stalking and harassment

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Soraida Hicks and her 16-year-old daughter Pam left the Arlington Courthouse late last month, relieved that a horrific internet war with a former boyfriend was finally over.

It all started with Bruce Stimon. Stimon, a 47-year-old I.T. worker from New England who Hicks met on a flight from Boston to Washington in late 2011. Over the next three months, they became friends, then lovers. He showered her with gifts including a new iPhone which he put on his family plan.

That's when he got information on all her friends and contacts and things started going south.

“He emailed all of them saying I had an STD," said Hicks.

Hicks says she figured out it was Stimon and ended the relationship, but the cyber attacks were just the beginning. Her name and face started appearing on escort sites - directing men to call numbers that rang at her job at a bank and her supervisors cellphone. The bank fired her.

"After he got me fired, now there's a picture of me having intercourse with him," explained Hicks.

Hicks says Stimon secretly recorded a video and sent it to all her daughter's Arlington High School Twitter followers.

“It was devastating,” Pam said. “I would go into the bathroom stall and just cry and would come back to class and act like everything was okay."

Next, Stimon allegedly used existing porn sites to advertise “mother and daughter” for sex ,Through text messaging, he'd direct johns to their apartment. Hicks started working with Arlington Police, but since the attacks were from computers in Boston, it was hard for Arlington officers to get their hands on him.

"We were convinced she was physically in danger," said Arlington Police detective Angela Comer.

After Stimon started coming to Arlington to slash her tires, Arlington Police finally caught him knife in his hand and with laptops full of evidence in his car. He was arrested and eventually pleaded guilty.

Stimon got 7 years in prison for stalking and harassment.

“I cannot describe the happiness,” said Pam. “It feels like a big relief."

"We know for the next seven years, we're good," said Hicks.

Despite the sensitive nature of this case, both Soraida and her daughter wanted to go on camera to clear their names. They say they are not prostitutes, and that they were the victims of a vicious cyber attack.

Hicks continues to try to get her image and name off the porn sites, but with limited success.