Soraida Hicks helps catch car thief in NE D.C.

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - When we caught up to Soraida Hicks and her car on Friday in Virginia, it was still a mess – there were big dents from a rock the thief used just hours earlier, and her right passenger window was shattered over the back seat. And Soraida herself was still in disbelief.

"The guy inside, he was inside of my car!" she exclaimed. "I did not get in! I was like, 'What is he doing there!'"

She said she and a male friend had just left the Ibiza Club in Northeast .D.C, when she saw a man inside her vehicle. Immediately, she pulled put her cell phone, snapped a picture of the suspect, and called 911 before he attempted to flee.

Hicks said he had stolen her GPS and was rifling through her glove compartment when she walked up. He began walking away on foot, but Hicks got in her friend’s car to follow him. Soon, he was arrested by police who arrived on the scene.

William Bell was charged with destruction of property and theft from auto. He was processed in D.C. court on Friday afternoon.

"He didn't have the right to do that with my car," said Hicks.