Snowy car stolen in NW D.C., found by police

(WJLA) - Sub-zero wind chill left cars covered in snow and ice across the metro area, prompting many drivers to start their vehicles in order to turn on the heat and defrost the windows.

Earlene Winkley’s 72-year-old husband was getting her SUV ready to hit the roads at 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

"Gotten everything off of the front, but I was in the back of it getting ice off of the back," he explained.

"I was coming to the door to get in the car and he said, 'Call the police -- they just took your car,'" said Earlene.

They were both shocked, wondering how something like that could happen.

It turns out that the suspects came down the street, jumped out of a red van, and then one of the passengers quickly got in Earlene's car.

Neighbors on Tuckerman Street in Northwest couldn’t believe it.

Thankfully though, the Winkleys got their car back.

Police found the Toyota 4Runner on Thursday morning just miles away in Southeast. Earlene happens to have a LoJack – a tracking and theft recovery system – installed in her car, and they say the incident is a lesson to all:

"Tell them they have to sit in the car. That is what we will do from now on. I know it is cold, but they are going to have to sit in the car."