Skimming device believed to be cause of over 30 BB&T fraudulent ATM withdrawals in Va.

Skimming device believed to be cause of over 30 BB&T fraudulent ATM withdrawals in Va. (Photo courtesy of Stafford Sheriff's Office)

There was a rush at a BB&T in Stafford County, Virginia not to make withdrawals but to find out where their money went.

Dozens of customers had their accounts frozen and debit cards deactivated because of a skimming scheme at an ATM.

$1000! $1500! Just a couple of totals upset BB&T customers shared with ABC7 News. The parking lot was full of theft victims.

ABC7 News caught up with Vietnam War veteran Butch Cover walking in to get the bad news.

“When I went to use my card it rejected it,” Cover explained.

Stafford County Sheriff's deputies released pictures of men who played a role in the crimes.

A photo of the alleged suspect was released by officials and can be viewed below or by clicking here. Anyone with information is asked to also call the above number.

According to detectives, customers walked up to the ATM as normal. pulled out their card, put it in the machine and went about their business. Little did they know, their information had been copied. Deputies say the suspects placed a skimmer over the ATM’s scanner swiping card and PIN numbers to make fake cards. Later, draining accounts dry.

“I think it is awful,” said bank customer Patricia Smith. “I certainly hope they catch the people who did this.”

“You go in there to get the little you have and you don’t even have that,” another customer said.

The sheriff’s office has taken in more than 30 fraud reports so far; a number expected to grow. The skimmer was installed at this BB&T at 375 Chatham Heights Rd in Fredericksburg.

Cover was in the bank for over two hours. The thieves took about $1500 for him. He found out his money was withdrawn as far away as New York City.

“I live paycheck to paycheck trying to get ready to retire, it’s hard. This is a scary thing for me,” Cover lamented.

Customers were told they would have their money back in a week’s time. If you’ve seen the men give the Stafford Sheriff’s office a call at 540-658-4400.

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