Simone Farrow arrested: Swimsuit model busted on drug charges

Farrow is accused of running the drug ring out of a Hollywood apartment.

Simone Farrow, a prominent swimsuit model is under arrest Monday and stands accused of being the leader of a global drug ring.

Farrow was picked up on Australia's Gold Coast in what the Telegraph reports is a "cheap motel" on charges that she was the head of an international crystal meth ring. She allegedly then went on the run after skipping out on $150,000 bail that was paid in February.

ABC News says that Farrow is accused of running the ring out of an apartment in Hollywood.

She told reporters while in custody that she was on the run because she said she was "trying to protect herself from being killed," the Telegraph says.

Farrow has been featured in Penthouse magazine and in several swimsuit advertisements.

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