MCPD: Female victim raped while taking out trash in Silver Spring

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) - Montgomery County Police say the female victim was just taking out her trash around 10:45 p.m. on Friday night.

Then, a man wearing a ski mask allegedly came up from behind, knocked her to the ground, and pulled her to a more hidden spot. He displayed a weapon and then raped her.

"You always have to be careful, but the idea that you can't even go out to your curb to drop off the garbage -- I don't know how you protect against that," says Liz Wissner, who wishes it hadn't taken four days for residents to hear about the crime.

"I do wish they had put some signs up around the neighborhood saying this had happened, so we could be aware. I mean, a lot of people do walk around here at all different hours at night."

On Tuesday, police put out surveillance video of a woman they're calling a person of interest. They wouldn't give details, but they think she may know something that could help catch the rapist.

She is seen in the video leaving what appears to be the Prince George's Plaza Target in Hyattsville. She then gets into the passenger side of a black car that drives away.

Back in Silver Spring, some like this couple say they'll now change their habits on this dark, secluded section of Garland Avenue:

"We'd want to have both of us if we're going to go out or anything like that, and try not to do too much out here at night."