Silver Spring attempted armed robbery prompts victim's leap from window, car chase

(WJLA) - An attempted robbery in Silver Spring, Md., left one man with a gunshot wound and injuries resulting from a jump from his third-floor window.

A Montgomery County Police spokesperson said that a group of robbers, at least one of which was armed, entered an apartment on the 11500 block of February Circle late Wednesday night. One of the apartment occupants was shot before jumping out of a third-floor window. He was found and transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police received a description of the suspects' vehicle from neighbors and officers found a vehicle matching that description later that night near the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Route 29 in Silver Spring. The car did not immediately stop when officers tried to pull it over and a chase ensued. Once the car did stop, its occupants fled on foot but were caught and detained.

Police did not specify how many suspects were in the car.

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