Shanika Robinson, brother, found guilty of murder

A woman and her brother were found guilty of murdering a pizza mart owner.

Shanika Robinson and Leon Robinson were found guilty of first degree murder while armed Wednesday for the murder of Shahabuddin Rana

Prosecutors say she, her brother Leon and boyfriend Isiah Genus (who has already pleaded guilty) murdered pizza mart owner Rana in August 2009 over money.

Rana - a Pakistani immigrant - paid her $500 a week to marry his younger brother, so the younger brother could get a green card.

But after an immigration judge ruled the marriage as a sham, the older Rana stopped paying her.

Prosecutors say an angry Robinson went to the pizza mart with her brother and boyfriend and killed Rana.

Then she said her husband, Rana's brother, turned to her for help and she ran the pizza mart for the next week, until police showed up one day and arrested her there for the owner's murder.