Serial 'Dunkin' Donuts' burglars rob shops in NoVa and Charles County

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) -- Take a look at the two masked men in the video. They’re dubbed the “Dunkin’ Donuts Burglars,” as investigators have linked them to six Dunkin’ Donut break-ins for Northern Virginia and Charles County – dating back to July 29.

Police say the duo usually strike between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. in the morning, brazenly breaking the lock and walking right in through the front door. Then, they boldly head straight for the cash registers.

It’s a particularly bold move for the burglars, since most of the donut shops are on heavily-traveled roadways where there’s a very good chance they could be spotted – even very early in the morning. So why Dunkin’ Donuts?

It’s a good and still unanswered question, but ABC7 has found out that the burglars have also hit two restaurants in Arlington using the same methods.

At roughly 250 and 270 pounds each, investigators are hoping that somebody out there will recognize the burly bandits.