Serial robber hits three banks in Virginia

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) -His disguise stands out and does not blend in – unlike the BB&T bank in this strip mall.

That’s why Alexandria resident Juliet Jesson, like so many others, thinks the bank is such an unlikely target:

"in 20 years I've lived here I do not know of any other robbery in this tiny strip mall"

The robbery happened on Monday just before 3 p.m. The male suspect was thin, around 5’7,” and wore a construction worker uniform – including a helmet with the word “Joy” across the front. He also wore a black mask, but not a ski mask, pulled over his mouth.

He waited in line like everyone else, handed the teller a written note demanding money and implying he had a weapon, and then took off on foot after he was handed the money.

Now, the FBI is in hot pursuit.

The same thing happened last Saturday at noon at the Wells Fargo here on Franconia Road, right next to Mo Ildari’s Pizza Shop, and right across the street from a Fairfax Police substation.

Pizza owner 10:50-10:56 "everybody says, 'how can he do this because so many police going in and out'"

The first of the three robberies happened on Friday the 13th at the Virginia Commerce Bank on the 5100 block of Duke Street. In each case, police say customers report feeling like the man seemed out of place, but didn’t say anything.

Police 2:24-2:33 "we would urge people, if they see something like that and something doesn't feel quite right, don't hesitate to talk to a bank employee"