Scott Spear resigns from Montgomery County Public Schools

A Montgomery County high school coach has resigned just weeks after being cleared of allegations that he had an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old.

Scott Spear, 47, was arrested in early February and charged with two counts of committing a fourth degree sex offense.

At the time police accused Spear of having sex last spring with a girl he'd coached on Richard Montgomery High's cross country team.

Spear coached the alleged victim part time for Richard Montgomery's cross country team. Since he was not her primary teacher, he did not break Maryland law, and the charges were dropped.

He continues to maintain he's done nothing inappropriate with any student or athlete at any time.

Following being cleared, Spear rallied to be re-instated as a full-time teacher at Julius West Middle School and as a part-time coach of Richard Montgomery's cross country and boys basketball teams. He was suspended from the position following his arrest.

"...after suffering through the highly publicized pain of being wrongly accused, the damage to my professional reputation has been done." Spear said of his decision to resign. "The ordeal has been grueling for me and my family, and we now need time to heal."

Spear started working for Montgomery County Public Schools as a teacher and coach in 1988.