Saurabh Agarwal accused of fondling woman in-flight

It’s a terrifying thought for anyone who flies: someone violating you after you fall asleep.

Federal authorities say that’s exactly what happened on a recent flight into D.C. when a Sterling man started groping the woman sitting next to him.

The incident allegedly happened Wednesday aboard an American Airlines flight from Miami to Reagan National.

According to court documents, the victim was sitting in the window seat and 39-year-old Saurub Agarwal was in the middle seat next to her.

Witnesses say when the woman fell asleep, Agarwal began hugging the victim. She says she woke up to find his hand under her bra fondling her breast.{ }

The woman{ }told police she pretended to be asleep at that point because she was scared. She says she eventually got up and went to the bathroom and that’s when police say Agarwal touched the leg of another woman who was next to him in the aisle seat.

That woman told a flight attendant and air marshals onboard detained him until the plane touched down at Reagan.

Agarwal is a software executive{ }with a wife and two children. He has no prior criminal record.

In Friday’s hearing, the judge said “somebody who would do what the defendant allegedly did in this case may be out of control.”

But despite the judge’s concerns, he released Agarwal until his case comes to court. In the meantime, the judge ordered he undergo a mental evaluation and he restricted Agarwal’s travel outside the D.C. area.