Sarah Greenhalgh, Winchester Star reporter, death investigation continues

The investigation continues into the death of Winchester Star reporter Sarah Greenhalgh.

Police have several persons of interest, and the investigation has led them to a Gainesville apartment complex, where witnesses say they saw Greenhalgh arguing in the parking lot with a man Sunday night.

The 48-year-old's body was found in her Uppersville home early Monday morning when fire crews were called to a fire at the residence.

"All just shocked. I don't know that it's fully sunk in yet that we've lost a great friend," Greenhalgh's friend, Rob Banner, said.

Banner knew the freelance writer and photographer for 25 years and helped her land her reporting job at The Winchester Star.{ }

Banner added, "Sarah's reason to be was a devoted concentration on the search for the truth, and now it's odd that's our job to do for her."

Sunday night, Greenhalgh's last post on her Facebook page read, "going to be sleeping with the windows wide open, now if that...crazy boy would just leave me alone."

Police confirm Greenhalgh had met people through online dating sites, but wouldn't say if the man referenced in her Facebook status was an internet connection.

Banner doubts it.

"I can't see her putting a great deal of faith or confidence in it. I just never heard her talk about it ever," he said.