Roberto Cruz Gonzales arrested for sexual assault

Roberto Cruz Gonzales

Montgomery County Police arrested a 19-year-old Rockville man for an attempted sexual assault in Aspen Hill.

Roberto Cruz Gonzales has been charged with attempted first-degree rape and first- degree sexual offense. He is now held behind bars without bond.

On Oct. 26, 2010 at about 11 p.m. near Independence Street and Connecticut Avenue, a woman was walking home from work.{ }

As she was grabbed from behind, something tightened around her neck. She was pushed down an embankment, and sexually assualted. .

It was one of four sexual assaults in the area last fall and winter. Police have had the area under watch.

Despite surveillance video of the suspect and an anonymous tip to Crimesolvers, police couldn't completely identify the man.

But four months later, a patrol officer on routine patrol observed a suspect who resembled the description.

Police say it was good, old-fashioned police work in this day of technology and computers.

"Nothing replaces stop and talk with the citizens on the street," says Officer Howard Hersh.

After Gonzales was stopped and questioned, police say they found some latex gloves Gonzalez threw away and the DNA matched.

His attorney in court today said Gonzalez confessed to the crime, saying he was both drunk and high on marijuana at the time.

The judge ordered him held without bond tonight, and it appears his legal status is also in question. Immigration and Customs has a detainer on him.